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5700 Game Pack

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This game pack is a mix of 5700 Flash , and a few Shockwave, games from a variety of categories. The majority of these games have no ad api in the game, for example: from Mochiads. Included is a MySQL database script which includes game descriptions. The database script is designed for YourArcadeScript. This does not include resale rights.

Have another arcade script? Yes, we can customize a database or PHP insert script for your arcade! Contact us via the Contact page. To expedite the process, you may include a table structure dump of any tables from your database that utilizes game data. For example, tables like games and categories. Also helpful would be a few rows of sample data from these tables.

YourArcadeScript does not own the game rights. You are paying for the script with descriptions, sizes etc. and for the bandwidth. Please support game authors and sponsors by respecting their property and NOT reverse enginerring and/or removing branding or sponsorships.

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