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YAS ver. 2.4 Full Install

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For Version 2.4 we have rewritten or tweaked most of the script.
Ajax elements have been added to forms and comments. Take a look at the new edit avatar page.
Facebook & Twitter logins.
New games feeds.
Site page and image caching for increased speed.
JavaScript link tracking. No more choosing normal link vs tracking clicks
Updated Admin Panel.
New template Modbox
Download our games page *currently available in the Modbox template only (Based on member Svarc's mod)
...and more

YAS 2.4 remedies a few bugs faced in 2.3 and is laying the groundwork for more
visitor interaction with the arcade and other arcade members.

A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to progress the script to be much easier to customize
and to create your own templates. There are now "skins" and templates. Want a fresh look? Make your own skin by tweaking a default one and giving it its own folder.

Admin folder
New Admin Cpanel

Updated with more game feeds with 1-click install

1. Mochimedia 44,000+ with in-game ads
2. FreeGamesForYourWebsite 345+
3. FlashGameDistribution 16,000+ many with in-game ads
4. Playtomic 660+

Each template now has an "ad schedule" which will tell you in the manage ads page whichs ads are default for the template and where they are seen.

This is just a brief overview. Please visit our community forums at for more details and tutorials as they are prepared.
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